Chengdu: Capital of Sichuan Province, Pandas and Peppercorns

With its fertile soil, its favorable climate, and the world’s oldest existing irrigation system, Sichuan province in southwestern China is known as the “Land of Abundance,” where giant pandas roam the mountainous forests and bountiful farms produce much of country’s food supply.

The ancient capital of Chengdu is the province’s vibrant cultural center. This bustling city of over 10 million people is lined with bars, tea houses, and open-air markets, where you can experience dazzling street theater and even more dazzling street food.

In the city’s historic Broad and Narrow Alley, you’ll find culinary masters at work, conjuring all kinds of enticing flavors from sweet and spicy to hot and sour. Each vendor is committed to a single craft. One chef stuffs crisp buns with spicy pork while the next drizzles chili oil over dumplings and noodles. Yet another whips up savory sesame desserts.

Bang Chengdu Street Kitchen is inspired by these skilled cooks. Each cart follows the tradition of a specific craftsperson, their commitment to quality, and their cherished individual recipes. Bangers, where will you start your Chengdu street-food adventure?


Growing up in Chengdu China, our founder Xinye Du always held a deep fascination with city’s famous street food flavor.

Her passion for food lead her to train and gain mastery of region Sichuan cuisine, but always with a hyper focus around her hometown cooking traditions.

Following her culinary education in China Xinye attended George Washington University earning a degree in analytics (another long held passion). As a student Xinye cooked for her friends and gained a following for her food around campus. She eventually conducted pop-up cooking events and with the incredible reaction by everyone who tasted her food the idea for Bang was born. Xinye was determined to bring the tastes of her hometown to the people of nyc, making BANG the first such restaurant in the United States with a focus on Chengdu street food.